Ralph Roberts Classic Chevy Supply


Part Number Year Description Retail 2% Off Debit/Credit Discount 10% Off Cash Discount Quantity
15-1041955 Clutch Linkage "Z" Bar (Cross Shaft), exact original   35.5034.7931.95EA
15-1241957 Clutch Linkage 'Z' Bar (Cross Shaft), original   30.0029.4027.00EA
15-14355-57 Anti-Rattle Spring, fits under cotter-pinned linkages (12331)   1.000.980.90EA
15-1581956 Clutch Linkage 'Z' Bar (Cross Shaft) original   30.0029.4027.00EA
17-0881957 Steering Column Mounting Sleeve   1.000.980.90EA
28-05555-57 Shift Linkage Bushing & Clip Set, Stick Shift   18.5018.1316.65KIT
28-05655-57 Shift Linkage Bushing & Clip Set, Automatic (P11611)   20.0019.6018.00KIT
3401955 Clutch Bell Housing Bracket with Pivot Stud   24.9524.4522.46EA
34257-60 Clutch Fork - will work on 55-56 with RRC18 Rod Kit (3737454)   69.9568.5562.96EA
3461955 Clutch Frame Bracket   15.9515.6314.36EA
34756-57 Clutch Frame Bracket with Pivot Stud   15.9515.6314.36EA
34855-56 Clutch Return Spring   29.9529.3526.96EA
3491957 Clutch Return Spring   28.9528.3726.06EA
3501955 Clutch Pivot Stud   14.9514.6513.46EA
205496138-59 Clutch Release Fork Ball, 6 Cylinder, Threads into Bellhousing (ME518)   7.997.837.19EA
372524055-72 Clutch Release Fork Ball V/8 (ME-767)   19.5019.1117.55EA
376458857-62 Clutch Control Rod Swivel only
378521756-64 Fork, 2nd & 3rd Shifter Fork (4.303)   32.5731.9229.31EA
397513155-57 Grommet for Shifting Tube, Auto. & Standard   0.800.780.72EA
C67955-69 Nylon Clutch Pedal Bushings (2 Pieces) (15-122) (352)   5.485.374.93SET
EO10455-56 Upper Clutch Push Rod   12.5012.2511.25EA
EO1061957 Upper Clutch Pedal Pushrod   12.6912.4411.42EA
EO22055-57 Clutch Cross Shaft Bushing Kit (345)   13.9813.7012.58EA
EO4421957 Clutch Pedal Return Spring Hook
EO44455-57 Clutch Pedal Cross Shaft Spacer Bushing   3.983.903.58EA
EO44555-57 Clutch Pedal Splined Output Arm   16.0015.6814.40EA
EO44655-57 Clutch Pedal Cross Shaft Sleeve   15.9815.6614.38EA
EO44755-56 Clutch Pedal Rebound Bracket & Stopper Bracket   9.899.698.90SET
EO44955-57 Shift Linkage Bellcrank Bushings   2.892.832.60PR
EO45455-56 Clutch Pedal Kit, complete   89.9788.1780.97KIT
EO54956-57 Clutch Bellcrank Pivot Ball and Bracket (341)   10.4910.289.44EA
GFW00255-57 Clutch Z-Bar Linkage Felt Washers (3743355)   3.002.942.70PR
RRC1857-62 X-Shaft to Clutch Fork Rod Kit w/swivel, spring & Pin - will work on 55-56 with 342 Clutch Fork (244)   18.9518.5717.06KIT
SE0470SEO4701957 Clutch Pedal Kit, complete   92.0090.1682.80KIT
778CRAll Bow-Tie Exhaust Tip, Triple Chrome Plated, 8" X 1/8"   19.9519.5517.96EA

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