Ralph Roberts Classic Chevy Supply


Part Number Year Description Retail 2% Off Debit/Credit Discount 10% Off Cash Discount Quantity
2.5755-57 Door Lock Rod Clip   1.951.911.76PR
11-223SL53-64 Door Striker Shim, Left (12325)   7.006.866.30EA
11-223SR53-64 Door Striker Shim, Right (12326)   7.006.866.30EA
11-223L53-64 Door Striker Lock Plates, Set of 4 (12324)   12.0011.7610.80SET
16-09555-57 Windshield Wiper Motor and Drive Mounting Screws   2.502.452.25SET
17-17655-60 Turnsignal Housing to Steering Column Mount Plate (1240)   6.005.885.40EA
17-17755-57 Steering Wheel Retaining Nut   0.750.740.68EA
17-177A55-64 Steering Wheel Nut Washer
17-14855-57 Radiator Petcock   6.005.885.40EA
17-28255-57 Steering Column Thrust Washer (12332)   3.002.942.70EA
17-28355-57 Steering Column Tanged Washer (12703)   3.002.942.70EA
17-28555-58 Steering Column Middles Inner Felt Washer (12704)   5.004.904.50EA
17-28655-57 Turnsignal Housing Lockplate Screws, pack of 3   3.002.942.70SET
17-28855-57 Steering Column Spring Assembly (1241)   10.009.809.00EA
17-29555-57 Steering Column Overhaul Kit   20.5020.0918.45KIT
17-295A55-56 Steering Column Assembly Fastener Kit, 59 pieces   20.5020.0918.45KIT
17-295B1957 Steering Column Fastener Kit, 70 pieces   22.0021.5619.80KIT
19-18955-57 Delco Tag Rivets, set of 6 (for generator, starter, dist.)   1.501.471.35SET
19-256B1957 Dash Speaker Grill Mount Stud Set, replacement   8.508.337.65EA
20-012S55-62 Trunk Lid Hinge Screws, set of 4 bolts w/attached original washer, cad plated   13.7513.4812.38SET
20-001D55-57 Window Channel Weatherstrip Staple, Stainless Steel, pack of 20   4.504.414.05SET
20-0071957 Fin Corner Molding Clip (12706)   10.5010.299.45PR
20-01155-57 Trunk Latch to Trunk Screws, includes screws for guide pin   2.802.742.52SET
20-187C55-57 Hardtop Rooftrack Mounting Screws. Quarter Window. Set/10 screws & 6 J-Nuts   3.002.942.70SET
20-18855-57 Windshield Pillar Molding Screws, all models exc. conv.   3.002.942.70SET
20-18955-57 Body Mount Bolt Kit, sedan/nomad, w/correct washers   16.8016.4615.12SET
20-19055-57 Body Mount Bolt Kit, hardtops, w/correct washers   16.8016.4615.12SET
20-19155-57 Body Mount Bolt Kit, convertibles, w/correct washers   17.8517.4916.07SET
20-192D55-56 58-63 Battery Bolt
20-192S55-56 Battery Bolt Set, Stainless steel bolts w/st. nuts & wash.   10.5010.299.45PR
20-193D1957 Battery Bolts   2.952.892.66EA
20-194D1957 Battery Bolt Wingnut, plated   0.350.340.32EA
20-196D55-57 Bumper Bolt, 1 1/4"   1.501.471.35EA
20-10055-57 Garnish Trim Screw Set, 2 dr. hardtop   7.707.556.93SET
20-10155-57 Garnish Trim Screw Set, Nomad   9.909.708.91SET
20-10255-57 Garnish Trim Screw Set, Convertible   7.307.156.57SET
20-18155-57 Wire Harness Clip, Green, Each   4.504.414.05EA
20-1031955 Garnish Trim Screw Set, 2 dr. Sedan   8.808.627.92SET
20-1041955 Garnish Trim Screw Set, 4 dr. Sedan   9.309.118.37SET
20-10556-57 Garnish Trim Screw Set, 2 dr. Sedan   8.308.137.47SET
20-10656-57 Garnish Trim Screw Set, 4 dr. Sedan   8.808.627.92SET
20-108D53-64 Door Panel Nails (12671)   0.450.440.41EA
20-11455-57 Interior Screw Set, for dash, seat shells, door panels   10.5010.299.45SET
20-1191955 Molding Clip Set, B/A Complete Set, 2 & 4 Door   61.4060.1755.26SET
20-1211955 Molding Clips, 210 Doors & Quarter Paint Dividers   11.6011.3710.44SET
20-1221955 Molding Clips, 210 Long Quarters   15.5015.1913.95SET
20-1281956 Molding Clip Set, B/A Complete Set, 2 Door   59.8058.6053.82SET
20-1401957 Molding Clip Set, B/A & 210 Complete Set, 2 Door   69.0067.6262.10SET
20-145D55-57 Inner Fender Hex Head Screw, pack of 30, cad plated   19.0018.6217.10SET
20-1461955 Tailight Assembly Mounting Kit
20-1501955 Front End Fastener Set, all hardware   69.0067.6262.10SET
20-150A55-57 Front Fender Shim Kit   3.002.942.70SET
20-1511956 Front End Fastener Set, all hardware   69.0067.6262.10SET
20-1521957 Front End Fastener Set, all hardware   69.0067.6262.10SET
20-15355-57 Glove Box Screws, includes screws for box & hinge   3.503.433.15SET
20-1551955 Taillight Bezel Screws, pack of 4   1.000.980.90SET
20-15655-57 Door Sill Plate Screws, Set of 10
20-1571957 Cowl Clips, Cadmium, pack of 5, also fits 40/50's trucks (605)   4.404.313.96SET
20-1651956 Molding Clip Set, Bel-Air 4 Door Complete Set   76.6075.0768.94SET
20-1661956 Molding Clip Set, 210 2-Door Complete Set   53.2052.1447.88SET
20-1691956 Molding Clip Set, 210 4 dr. Complete Set   68.9567.5762.06SET
20-1701957 Molding Clip Set, Bel-Air, 210 Four Door   87.2085.4678.48SET
20-1711957 Molding Clip Set, 150 2/4-Dr   31.6030.9728.44SET
20-17255-57 Windshield Molding Clips, set of 5 for lower moldings (015)   10.7510.549.68SET
20-1731957 Fin (Crown) Molding Clip Set, Bel-Air, 22 clips   19.5019.1117.55SET
20-1741957 Fin (Crown) Molding Clip Set, 210/150, 6 clips   6.506.375.85SET
20-1751957 Trunk "V" Clips   3.803.723.42SET
20-18055-56 Cowl Clip Set   4.003.923.60SET
20-181D55-57 Inner Fender Wire Harness Clip, green, pack of 10   45.0044.1040.50SET
20-183D55-57 Radiator Support Wire Harness Clip, Clips to Crossbar. (12333, WE999)   0.500.490.45EA
20-18456-57 Garnish Trim Screw Set, 4 door hardtop   8.608.437.74SET
20-18555-57 Garnish Trim Screw Set, 2 door wagon   12.9012.6411.61SET
20-18655-57 Garnish Trim Screw Set, 4 door wagon   14.0013.7212.60SET
20-18755-57 Door Belt Molding Screws, HT, Conv, Nomad   2.802.742.52SET
20-187A55-57 Quarter Panel Belt Molding Screws, Hardtop & Conv.   2.802.742.52SET
20-187B55-57 Flipper & Quarter Window Roof Track Mounting Screws, Set of 40   5.505.394.95SET
20-263A55-57 Nomad Side Window Molding Screw Set (15425)   8.007.847.20SET
20-202A55-57 Inside Door Handle Release Wire, 2-DR HT, Left   9.008.828.10EA
20-262A1955 Nomad Front Fender Molding Clip Set   3.753.683.38SET
20-262B1955 Nomad Door Moldings Clip Set   33.0032.3429.70SET
20-20155-57 Garnish Molding Trim Screw Set, Sedan Delivery   16.5016.1714.85SET
20-20555-57 Windshield Molding Corner Escutcheon Clips (015A)   9.909.708.91PR
20-20753-60 Door Weatherstrip Forked Clip, front of door (561)   2.502.452.25PR
20-21855-57 Wheel Lug Nuts plated, pack of 20   6.005.885.40SET
20-265EA55-58 Wire Harness Clip, Black, EACH   4.504.414.05EA
20-22055-57 Headlamp Bezel Screw, pack of 8   1.501.471.35SET
20-253A55-70 Spare Tire Wingnut, except Wagon, Exact Original   8.007.847.20EA
20-221B1957 Armrest Screw Set, bolt on armrest, pack of 8   1.801.761.62SET
20-221C1957 Armrest Screw Set, all except 57 BA, pack of 6   1.801.761.62SET
20-221D1957 Armrest Screws, armrest to armrest bracket, pack of 6   2.502.452.25SET
20-22555-57 Lens Screws, plated, set of Ten
20-2291957 Dash Molding Wire Clip, each   0.300.290.27EA
20-23255-57 Wheel Lug Studs, pack of 5   4.754.664.28SET
20-24055-57 Inspection Cover Screw, inside, door & quarter panel, 20   2.001.961.80SET
20-24455-57 Hollow Nuts, 7/16 head, hood bar & exten., pack of 20   2.452.402.21SET
20-24855-57 Original Fuel & Brake Line Clip, green set of 6   26.7526.2224.08SET
20-2501957 Hood Bar Stud & Nut Package, pack of 8 studs w/nuts   4.504.414.05SET
20-25255-56 Bumperette Bolt, Nut & Retainer   2.952.892.66PR
20-255D55-57 Outside Door Handle Screws, pack of 4 w/ lock washers, does 2 handles   1.000.980.90SET
20-26255-57 Nomad Tailgate Bar Clip, set of 5 does 1 bar   15.0014.7013.50SET
20-26555-58 Original Inner Fender Wire Harness Clips, black, 10 SET (1006)   45.0044.1040.50SET
20-27057-70 Hood Adjustable Stop Kit, 2 screws, 2 nuts, 2 bumpers   7.006.866.30SET
20-27155-56 Hood Adjustable Stop Kit, 4 screws, 4 nuts, 4 bumpers   13.5013.2312.15SET
20-2721955 Stainless Capped Bumper Bolts   15.2514.9513.73SET
20-2731956 Stainless Capped Bumper Bolts   15.0014.7013.50SET
20-2741957 Stainless Capped Bumper Bolts, 10 Pack   12.5012.2511.25SET
20-2771957 Rear License Plate Mounting Kit   7.006.866.30KIT
20-28555-57 Door Hinge to "A" Pillar Screws, 8-pack (970)   4.954.854.46SET
20-28655-57 Door Hinge to Door Bolt
20-286S55-57 Door Hinge to Door Bolt Set, for all 2 door & 4 Door Front Door, set of 12 for all 4 hinges   12.0011.7610.80SET
20-28755-57 Door Lock/Catch Mechanism Screws, 10 pack (971)   4.954.854.46SET
20-28855-57 Door Striker to Body Screws, Set of 6   6.005.885.40SET
20-29555-64 Upper Control Arm to Frame Bolt, 4 Required per car, has Knurled Head as Original, each   4.604.514.14EA
20-295A55-57 Spindle Bolt Set, 20 pieces   5.955.835.36KIT
20-29855-57 Chrome Window Frame Screws, hdtp, conv., 4 dr. hdtp.   6.506.375.85SET
20-299B55-57 Front Suspension Fastener Kit, Black   42.0041.1637.80KIT
20-3521955 Hood Bar, Hood Emblems, 10X24 x 1", Threaded Studs, pack of 10 w/nuts   4.404.313.96SET
20-352A1955 Hood Bar Mounting Kit, 28 pieces, studs, nuts, washers   4.904.804.41SET
20-38455-57 Wagon Beltline Lower Molding Clip, Quarter Panel & Liftgate, 210 2-DR Wagon, B/A & 210 4-Door Wagon   4.804.704.32EA
20-352B1955 Grill Trim Mounting Kit, studs, nuts, flat & lock washers   7.707.556.93SET
20-36155-57 Original Fuel & Brake Line Clip, green, set of 7   28.3027.7325.47SET
20-3631957 Hood Hinge to Inner Fender Retaining Bracket   4.304.213.87EA
20-363A1957 Hood Hinge to Inner Fender Retaining Brackets & Bolts (1480)   11.0010.789.90SET
20-364B1957 Front Bumper Mounting Kit, Exact Original   48.0047.0443.20SET
20-365B1957 Rear Bumper Mounting Kit, Exact Original   49.0048.0244.10SET
20-384A55-57 Wagon Beltline Quarter Molding Clip Set, 210 2-DR Wagon, does 1 Quarter Molding Under the Side Windows   28.0027.4425.20EA
20-36757-64 Inner Fender Hex Head Screw, pack of 20, black plated   13.0012.7411.70SET
20-383E55-57 Door Window Upper Molding Clip Set, B/A & 210 4-DR Wagon front or rear Door, does 1 molding   19.3018.9117.37SET
20-384C55-57 Wagon Lower Liftgate Molding Clip Set, B/A & 210 2-DR/4-DR, does the molding under the Back Window   15.0014.7013.50EA
20-36855-57 Spare Tire Retaining Stud, all except wagons   6.506.375.85EA
20-383D55-57 Wagon Door Window Upper Molding Clip Set, 210 2-DR Wagon Front Door, does 1 Molding at Top of Door   19.3018.9117.37EA
20-387E55-57 Tailgate to Body to Hinge Bolts, Sedan Delivery, 24 Pieces   4.003.923.60SET
20-3701957 Fin Molding Pin Set, Bel-Air, set of 22, all except wagons   40.9540.1336.86SET
20-370A1957 Fin Molding Clip Set, Set of 16, all wagons   29.5028.9126.55SET
20-370B1957 Fin Molding Pin Set, 210/150, set of 6, w/nuts, all models   13.5013.2312.15SET
20-3711957 Fin Molding Long Rear Pins, w/nuts   6.005.885.40PR
20-3721957 Fin Molding Short Pins, repair set of 4 w/nuts   7.757.606.98SET
20-376A55-57 Bel Air 4 Door Sedan, Upper & Lower Side Window Molding Fastener Set, complete set   112.00109.76100.80SET
20-377A55-57 Bel Air 2 Door Sedan, Upper & Lower Side Window Molding Fastener Set, complete set   88.0086.2479.20SET
20-388C55-57 Belt & Roof Molding Complete Set, 210 2-Door Wagon does all 10 3/4" moldings (Not Nomad)   149.00146.02134.10SET
20-38555-57 Wagon/Nomad Rear Seat/Cargo Area Assembly Kit (256 pieces)   27.0026.4624.30KIT
20-388D55-57 Belt & Roof Molding Complete Set, Bel-Air & 210 4-Door Wagon, does all 10 3/4" Moldings   169.00165.62152.10SET
20-385A55-57 Wagon/Nomad Cargo Floor Trim Screw Set (156 pieces)   17.0016.6615.30KIT
20-383A55-57 Wagon Upper Quarter/Drip Rail Molding Clip Set, 210 2-Door Wagon, does 1 side only.   30.0029.4027.00SET
20-38755-57 Wagon Upper Tailgate Chrome Stop Arm Screw, replacement, ea
20-383B55-57 Wagon Upper Quarter/Drip Rail Molding Clip Set, 210 & Bel-Air 4-Door Wagon, does 1 side only   23.5023.0321.15SET
20-387D55-57 Nomad Liftgate Inner Frame to Liftgate Frame, screws/set (15428)   10.009.809.00SET
20-383C55-57 Wagon Upper Tailgate Molding Clip Set, 210 2-Door Wagon, 210 & B/A 4-Door Wagon   17.0016.6615.30SET
20-387F55-57 Sedan Delivery Tailgate Screw & Bolt Set, 88 pieces   13.5013.2312.15KIT
20-387S55-57 Station Wagon Upper & Lower Tailgate Fastener Set 126 pieces   30.4029.7927.36SET
20-391A1957 Hood Hinge to Hood & Firewall Mounting Hardware, stainless steel replacement fasteners, 26 pieces   10.5010.299.45SET
20-391B1957 Hood Fastener Set, 53 pieces   16.5016.1714.85SET
20-391C1957 Hood Hinge to Hood Screws, w/ original headmark, 12 piece set   5.805.685.22SET
20-391D55-56 Hood Hinge Mounting Set, all exact original bolts w/headmarks to mount hood to car   13.8013.5212.42SET
20-39355-57 B/A 2-Door Sedan Rear Quarter Clip   5.805.685.22EA
20-387S155-57 Nomad Upper & Lower Tailgate Fastener Kit (126 pieces)   30.4029.7927.36KIT
20-39455-57 Window Regulator Screws, pack of 8, correct short length   5.505.394.95SET
20-39655-57 Conv. Windshield Frame Moldings & Hardware Screws   9.008.828.10SET
20-39755-57 Convertible Top Latch Screws, stainless, pack/4   2.502.452.25SET
20-39855-57 Convertible Sunvisor Screws, stainless, pack/6   2.502.452.25SET
20-384B55-57 Lower Window Molding Clip (Beltline) 4-Door Wagon, 1 Quarter Molding   30.0029.4027.00SET
20-30155-57 Upper & Lower Control Arm Retaining Nut Set, Set of 12   11.0010.789.90SET
20-303M55-57 Marsden Nut, 7/16-20, (Fine Thread) plated
20-303S55-57 Marsden Nut, 7/16-20, (Fine Thread) plated, set of 6   6.506.375.85SET
20-30455-56 Front Bumper Bolt Mounting Kit   18.0017.6416.20SET
20-304B55-56 Front Bumper Mounting Kit, Exact Original   34.0033.3230.60KIT
20-3051955 Rear Bumper Bolt Mounting Kit   18.5018.1316.65SET
20-305B1955 Rear Bumper Mounting Kit, Exact Original   33.5032.8330.15KIT
20-3061956 Rear Bumper Bolt Mounting Kit   17.0016.6615.30SET
20-306B1956 Rear Bumper Mounting Kit, Exact Original   38.0037.2434.20KIT
20-3071957 Front Bumper Mounting Kit   18.5018.1316.65SET
20-3081957 Rear Bumper Mounting Kit   18.5018.1316.65SET
20-3141956 Rear Accessory Guard Mounting Screws, 8 pieces   9.509.318.55SET
20-316M55-57 Marsden Nut, 9/16-18, (Fine Thread) plated   1.501.471.35EA
20-31755-57 Glass Track Screws, pack of 10   3.503.433.15SET
20-32955-57 Spare Tire Retaining Bolt, all station wagons   3.002.942.70EA
20-331A55-56 Heater Assembly Fasteners, w/Deluxe Heater   6.005.885.40SET
20-335D55-57 Air Cleaner Wing Nut, plated   0.500.490.45EA
20-336D55-57 Steering Column Locking Clamp Bolt,   1.501.471.35EA
20-344A55-57 Firewall Hardware Bolts, set of 12   3.503.433.15SET
20-344B55-56 Firewall Hardware Bolt Set, w/original headmarks, 76 pieces   20.5020.0918.45SET
20-477A55-57 Door Hinge Screw Set, Rear Doors 4-Door, set of 6 does 1 hinge   10.8010.589.72SET
20-44355-56 Cowl Vent Screws (11948)   1.751.721.58SET
20-477B55-57 Station Wagon Lower Tailgate Hinge Screw Set, set of 6 does 1 hinge   6.906.766.21SET
20-47855-57 Voltage Regulator/Horn Relay Screw, original, pack of 7   4.404.313.96SET
20-48557-64 Exhaust Manifold to Head Stainless Steel Bolt Set, (12)   13.5013.2312.15SET
20-485A57-64 V8 Exhaust Manifold Bolts & Washers, Set, Original   25.0024.5022.50SET
20-48655-56 Exhaust Manifold to Head Stainless Steel Bolt Set, (12)   13.0012.7411.70SET
20-486A55-56 Exhaust Manifold Bolts & Washers, V8, set, original 'M' in a circle headmark   23.0022.5420.70SET
20-488A1957 Hood Hinge to Inner Fender Retaining Bracket Bolt, pair
20-49055-57 Brake Line & Exhaust Bracket to Frame Bolt, plated   0.500.490.45EA
20-490D55-57 Brake Line & Exhaust Bracket to Frame Bolt, set of 14 (1484)   5.755.645.18SET
20-4941957 Wire Harness Clip, holds horn wire to inner fender,   2.952.892.66EA
20-498S1957 Inner Fender Horn Wire Clip (RJL1062)   6.005.885.40PR
20-4991957 Upper Quarter Molding Connecting Clip (12716)   5.805.685.22EA
20-45155-57 210 4-Door Sedan Side Window Beltline Molding Clip Set (Original Stye)   55.5054.3949.95SET
20-45255-57 210 2-Door Wagon Side Window Beltline Molding Clip Set (Original Style)   85.0083.3076.50SET
20-46555-57 Tailgate Window Retaining Clip Set, all Wagons & Sedan Delivery except Nomad, Set of 4   24.0023.5221.60SET
20-45355-57 210 & Bel-Air 4-Door Station Wagon Side Window Beltline Molding Clip Set (Original Style)   98.0096.0488.20SET
20-45055-57 Two-Door 210 Sedan Beltline Molding Clip Set (Original Style)   46.0045.0841.40SET
20-465A55-57 Tailgate Window Retaining Clip, Upper, all Wagons & Sedan Delivery Except Nomad. 2 required per car   6.506.375.85EA
20-465B55-57 Tailgate Window Retaining Clip, Lower, all Wagons & Sedan Delivery Except Nomad. 2 required per car   6.506.375.85EA
20-40255-57 Sedan Vent Window Screw Kit   3.303.232.97KIT
20-482RP57-62 V/8 Starter to Original Bell Housing (casting #3733365) & Starter to Engine Fasteners, 11 pieces   2.752.702.48KIT
20-40155-57 Vent Window Assembly Screws   14.0013.7212.60SET
20-405C55-57 Conv. Quarter Glass Channel Screws   7.006.866.30SET
20-41255-57 Headlight Assembly & Mounting Set   10.5010.299.45SET
20-412A1955 Headlite Bezel & Bucket Fasteners   3.503.433.15SET
20-446RP55-57 Bolt Set, V/8 Bell Housing to Engine   4.003.923.60SET
20-412B1956 Headlite Bezel & Bucket Fasteners   3.503.433.15SET
20-412C1957 Headlite Bezel & Bucket Fasteners   3.503.433.15SET
20-41355-57 Nomad Tailgate Bar Clip Set, set of 33, does all 7 bars   79.0077.4271.10SET
20-41455-57 Convertible Top Well "Surround" Molding Clips, (10)   39.0038.2235.10SET
20-42155-64 Copper Washers w/Nuts   7.357.206.62SET
20-42355-57 Upper Door Glass Molding End Clip, driver side, Front
20-42455-57 Upper Door Glass Molding End Clip, driver side, rear
20-42555-57 Upper Door Glass Molding End Clip, Passenger Side, Front
20-42655-57 Upper Door Glass Molding End Clip, Passenger Side, Rear
20-42755-57 Lower Door Glass Molding End Clip, Driver Side Front & Passenger Side Rear
20-42855-57 Lower Door Glass Molding End Clip, Passenger Side Front & Drivers Side Rear
20-464AS55-57 Locating Clip, Nomad Slider Glass Channel, Set of 6 (15429)   15.0014.7013.50SET
20-43549-64 Sedan Door Window Flexible "U" Channel Retaining Clip   0.750.740.68EA
20-464BS55-57 Retaining Clip Upper, Wagon curved Quarter Glass, Set of 8   22.0021.5619.80SET
20-43655-57 Flexible 'U' Channel Retaining Clip
20-44155-57 Wire Harness Sill Cover Screws, pack of 12   1.000.980.90Set
20-464CS55-57 Retaining Clip Lower, Wagon Curved Quarter Glass, Set of 10   25.0024.5022.50SET
20-4421957 License Light Assembly Screws, set of 4
20-44955-57 Original Beltline Molding Clip, EA
20-45655-67 Convertible Top Hose Retaining Clip, snap-in style   7.006.866.30EA
20-45753-67 Convertible Top Hose Retaining Clip, screw down style (1482)   3.503.433.15EA
20-45955-57 Steering Column Felt Washer, lower, between box & column   3.803.723.42EA
20-46155-57 Sedan Door Window Flexible "U" Channel Clip, pack of 14   7.957.797.16SET
20-46255-58 Sedan Quarter Glass "U" Channel Retaining Clip Set, Pack of 20   15.5015.1913.95SET
20-4671957 Mounting Stud; '57 Tailite Housing, long, each
20-4681957 Mounting Stud, Taillight Housing, short
20-4711957 Taillight Housing Mounting Stud Set, set of 8 w/nuts   5.955.835.36SET
20-514S55-58 Intake Manifold Bolt Sets, V/8 w/'AP' headmark, set of 12   19.0018.6217.10SET
20-525B55-58 Top Cylinder Mounting Kit, Convertible, 34 pieces   17.0016.6615.30SET
20-5061957 Clutch Head Screw, 1/4-20 x 1/2   2.752.702.48EA
20-501S1957 Clutch Head, Sheetmetal Screw Set, 57 Heater under hood area, set of 9, #8 cad plated   2.352.302.12SET
20-502S55-56 Vent Cable to Dash Screws, set of 4   2.352.302.12SET
20-503S55-57 Emergency Brake Lever to Dash Screws, pair, original clutch head screws w/attached washers   2.352.302.12PR
20-505S1957 Hood to Hood Brace Screws   2.352.302.12PR
20-51255-57 Master Cylinder Nuts & Lockwashers, standard master   1.501.471.35SET
20-51653-57 Convertible Rear Tacking Strip Screw Set   6.005.885.40SET
20-521A55-57 Top Frame Header to Side Rails Stainless Screw Set, 14 pieces   6.005.885.40SET
20-521B55-57 Top Frame Bow #1 to Side Rails Stainless Screw Set, Conv.   3.002.942.70SET
20-536S55-57 Convertible Top Side Rail Adjuster Bolt, pr.   6.005.885.40PR
20-5571957 Gas Door Screw Set, 20 pieces   7.006.866.30SET
20-56655-57 Instrument Cluster Screws   3.002.942.70SET
20-56855-56 Kick Panel/Vent Grill Installation Kit   3.503.433.15SET
20-568A1957 Kick Panel, Windlace Bracket Installation Set   1.751.721.58SET
20-56955-57 Rivet Set, Quarter Window Roller Guide & Vertical Seal Guide to Qtr. Window Chrome Frame, set of 18   4.003.923.60SET
20-580A55-56 Dashboard Fastener Kit   6.306.175.67KIT
20-57055-57 Rivet Set, Vent Window Frame for Lock & Pivot Brackets, Stainless, Set of 10   2.802.742.52SET
20-572A55-57 Conv. Quarter Window Pivot Bolt Set, 1 window   2.001.961.80KIT
20-57355-57 Rivet Set, 2-DR HT Flipper, Stainless, Set of 26   5.505.394.95SET
20-1203S55-57 Front Fender to Cowl Mounting Bolt & Washer w/ 'E' headmark, pr.   4.003.923.60PR
23-175S55-57 Seat Stop Screw Set, all 2 Dr   2.001.961.80SET
26-326A55-57 Shoulder Harness Roof Bracket, attaches to roof brace above quarter window, LH or RH   19.9019.5017.91EA
27-1681955 Gas Door Mount Stud Set, replacement   5.004.904.50EA
97-766455-57 Door & Quarter Glass Channel Fastener, Sedan only, (SC-3166)   0.500.490.45EA
611A1955 Clip, Firewall Pad Metal Push-In   3.002.942.70EA
1057S55-65 Convertible Rear Quarter Window Adjustable Bolt Kit (10180)   24.9524.4522.46KIT
1076S55-57 Lower Drain Seal Clips (used in door bottoms and SW tail gates) (Set of 12)   6.506.375.85SET
112055-56 Grille Rivet Head Bolt Kit, Stainless Steel, Pack of 7   5.505.394.95SET
148855-57 Gas Tank Sending Unit Screw Set (P13078)   4.954.854.46SET
217855-56 Cowl Vent Screw, 10 x 3/8", Br. Zinc.
262855-57 Rear Window Molding Fastener (20-133, 20-419) (7.17)   0.400.390.36EA
267255-57 Front Seat Hinge Arm Clip
272455-56 Cup in Door Panel Screw, 10x5/8" with #8 Head, Chrome
28241958 Quarter Panel Clip, Impala   3.753.683.38EA
284058-59 Rear Fender & Door Fastener   1.981.941.78EA
1020655-56 Screws, Horn Ring Center Cap (Bel-Air)   2.502.452.25SET
102071957 Screws, Horn Ring Center Cap (Bel-Air & 210)   2.502.452.25SET
1575956-57 Door Lock Rod Clip, SC-3197
166291956 Taillight Housing Lower Speed Nut   4.954.854.46PR
BWS00155-63 Body Mount Shims, Pkg. of 10   16.7516.4215.08SET
C5-1365031955 Backup Lens Retainer Clip, PR   6.005.885.40PR
C7-1322071957 Dash to Cowl Brace Washers   10.009.809.00SET
C102755-66 Skirt Mounting Clips, Set of Four (236)   5.004.904.50SET
CBK00155-57 Convertible Top Screw & Bushing Set   174.00170.52156.60SET
CM-0161955 V/8 Generator Mounting Kit, 2nd Style   11.9511.7110.76EA
CSB-00255-57 GM Convertible Pinchwelle Molding Snaps (P12609)   69.5068.1162.55SET
EO861957 Ignition Switch Ring Nut (910)   6.596.465.93EA
EO3971957 Grill Clip Set   17.9517.5916.16EA
EO41153-55 Rocker Molding Clip Set (Does 2 Moldings)   17.9817.6216.18SET
EO4171956 Rocker Molding Clip Set (Does 2 Moldings)   17.9817.6216.18SET
EO4251957 Rocker Molding Clip Set (Does 2 Moldings)   19.6519.2617.69SET
FWK00155-57 Inner Fender Washer & Bolt Kit, Convertibles only   35.0034.3031.50KIT
GPP0011957 Grille Bar Clips   1.991.951.79EA
GPP00255-57 Generator Grommet Sleeves, pair   2.001.961.80PR
NF-111957 Bel-Air Crown Molding Insert   69.9568.5562.96EA
NF-1755-56 Inner Fender Terminal Holder   10.009.809.00PR
OCLF0155-57 Oil Cooler Line Fitting, 6 or 8 Cylinder, PG or Turbo (034)   6.756.626.08PR
OPB00155-64 Oil Pan Bolt Kit (also fits 55-64 Corvette)   11.0010.789.90SET
P1017655-64 Pumpkin copper washers, set of 10   4.504.414.05Set
P1253555-56 Rear Motor Mount Bolt Set, Standard   6.956.816.26SET
P125361957 Rear Motor Mount Bolt Set, Standard   6.956.816.26SET
P1253756-57 Rear Motor Mount Bolt Set, Power Glide   6.956.816.26SET
P1290355-57 Steering Box Mounting Bolt Set   5.955.835.36SET
P1290455-57 Idler Arm to Frame Mounting Bolt Set   4.994.894.49SET
P1290855-57 Sun Visor bracket mounting screws   1.501.471.35SET
P1298255-57 Gear Shift Lever Retaining Pin (10163)   1.000.980.90EA
P1309156-57 Roof Rail Screw Set, 4 Dr. HT   6.956.816.26SET
P1309955-57 Generator Mounting Bolt Set   3.002.942.70SET
P1310455-72 Fan Blade Mounting Bolts   1.000.980.90SET
P1313655-56 Hood Hinge Mounting Bolt Set   3.503.433.15SET
P1313755-57 Gas Pedal Mounting Bolts   1.000.980.90SET
P1315155-57 Firewall Pad Fastener (611)   0.400.390.36EA
P1318055-57 Radiator Mounting Bolt Set   5.395.284.85SET
P1318255-57 Nomad cargo area stainless molding screw set   13.2512.9911.93SET
P1320455-64 Thermostat Housing Bolts   1.000.980.90PR
P1345155-62 V-8 bell housing pan & shield screws   2.752.702.48SET
P1351955-59 Generator Mounting Bolts   3.503.433.15SET
P1356655-57 Nomad Roofrail Weatherstrip Screws   3.503.433.15SET
P1356755-57 Nomad Roofrail Drip Molding Screws   2.502.452.25SET
P1408055-57 Chrome Headliner Bow Screw Set, Nomad.   5.955.835.36SET
P140811955 Chrome Headliner Bow Screw Set, 2 Door Hardtop   6.956.816.26SET
PM016955-57 NOS "Gold CAD" Intake Manifold Coil Bracket Bolts   1.881.841.69PR
PS-00255-57 Cylinder to Center Link Special Shoulder Bolt   19.9519.5517.96KIT
PS-00455-59 Pump Thread Seal Washers, Pr.   1.951.911.76PR
PS-0081955 Power Steering Generator Mounting Hardware.   12.9512.6911.66KIT
PS-01656-59 Power Steering Generator Mounting Hardware   3.953.873.56KIT
PSA00355-57 Cowl Rivets, pair (3.08)   6.956.816.26PR
PSA0041956 Accessory Grille Guard Hardware Kit   22.5022.0520.25KIT
RRC0255-57 Original Belt Molding End Clip ("D" Clip)   2.502.452.25EA
RRC0356-57 Molding End Clip (Small) ("C" Clip)   2.502.452.25EA
RRC0456-57 Molding End Clip (Large) ("B" Clip) (105-0018)   2.502.452.25EA
RRC051955 Molding End Clip ("A" Clip)   0.490.480.44EA
RRC2155-57 Sedan/HT Interior Door Garnish Molding Clip   2.992.932.69EA
RRC2255-57 Hardtop Rear Quarter Interior Garnish Molding Clip   2.992.932.69EA
SC-314255-57 Glass Run Channel Clip   0.500.490.45EA
SWKF0155-57 Shock Washer Kit (Front)   18.0017.6416.20KIT
SWKR0155-57 Shock Washer Kit (Rear)   35.0034.3031.50KIT
TCS00155-57 Timing Cover Screws
UF-461957 Threaded Stud Set W/Wingnut (2) for Batwing, Stainless Steel (Special Order)   19.9519.5517.96EA
VCRB0155-64 Valve Cover Screws & Washers   9.509.318.55SET

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