Ralph Roberts Classic Chevy Supply


Part Number Year Description Retail 2% Off Debit/Credit Discount 10% Off Cash Discount Quantity
2.06I55-57 Door Lock Knobs, Gray   7.957.797.16PR
2.06J55-57 Door Lock Knobs, Tan   7.957.797.16PR
03-83551-72 Vent Rivet Setting Tool   4.003.923.60EA
4.13055-56 Horn Insulators, (Red-Orange)   7.957.797.16PR
5.221957 4-Door Sedan Post Moldings   50.0049.0045.00SET
5.201956 4-Door Sedan Post Moldings   74.0072.5266.60SET
6.9855-57 Wagon Lower Tailgate Wedge (14699)   9.959.758.96PR
6.99A55-57 Nomad Lower Tailgate Clips   3.503.433.15SET
6.9955-57 Nomad Lower Tailgate Handle to Latch Rod, Clips Included   21.9421.5019.75PR
8-17255-60 Station Wagon Jack Spring   15.0014.7013.50EA
00955-57 Power Steering Control Valve Kit   15.9515.6314.36EA
9.45D55-56 Indicator Return Spring   2.001.961.80EA
01055-57 Power Steering Cylinder Kit   15.9515.6314.36KIT
10-120F1955 Shackle Assembly fits either side   22.0021.5619.80EA
10-122F56-57 Shackle Assembly, Right Hand   25.0024.5022.50SET
10-121F56-57 Shackle Assembly, Left Hand   25.0024.5022.50SET
01155-57 Power Steering Cylinder Mounting Kit   11.9511.7110.76KIT
11-0941955 Hood Brace Rod, Left Side   20.0019.6018.00EA
11-0951955 Hood Brace Rod, Right Side   20.0019.6018.00EA
01255-57 Power Steering Pump Kit   15.9515.6314.36KIT
16-13755-57 Power Steering Hose Grommet Frame Bracket   12.0011.7610.80EA
17-2311956 Headlight Bucket, includes adjusters   45.0044.1040.50EA
17.5955-57 150 Business Coupe Platform Mat   115.00112.70103.50EA
18-159A55-57 'U' Channel Guide Bracket (12698)   9.909.708.91EA
18-140A55-57 Quarter Glass Track, 2-Door Wagon, RH (GM029)   25.0024.5022.50EA
18-138T55-57 Front Door Glass Track Roller Guide, 2-Door (P13420) (11337)   18.9518.5717.06EA
18-139T55-57 Glass Track Roller Guide, Quarter 2-Door Sedans & Wagons except Nomad (P13421, 11338)   16.9516.6115.26EA
18-17655-57 Quarter Glass Track 'L' Stop, 2-DR Sedan/HT. Inc Bracket, Sq. Nut Double Star washer, Bolt & Lock Washer   11.0010.789.90SET
18-18055-57 Vent Window Glass Setting Tape   5.505.394.95PR
18-13755-57 Door Glass Bottom Metal Channel, 2-DR Sedan, LH Door (GM008)   21.5021.0719.35EA
18-13855-57 Door Glass Bottom Metal Channel, 2-DR Sedan, RH Door (GM009)   21.5021.0719.35EA
18-13955-57 Quarter Glass Bottom Metal Channel, 2-DR Sedan, LH   34.5033.8131.05EA
18-14055-57 Quarter Glass Bottom Metal Channel, 2-DR Sedan, RH   34.5033.8131.05EA
18-139A55-57 Quarter Glass Track, 2-Door Wagon LH (GM028)   25.0024.5022.50EA
18-184A56-57 Side Window Channel Kit w/Formed 'Whiskers', 4-DR HT   95.0093.1085.50KIT
18-34655-56 Side Window Channel 2-DR HT Formed Whiskers B/A Hardware   79.0077.4271.10KIT
18-3481957 Side Window Channel Kit w/Formed 'Whiskers' 2-DR HT   89.0087.2280.10EA
18-3491957 Window Channel Kit, Conv.   99.0097.0289.10KIT
20-197D1955 Bumper Bolt, 2 1/2"   4.003.923.60EA
27-093SS55-56 Muffler Hanger, Stainless (P10186)   19.0018.6217.10EA
27-09155-57 Muffler Hanger Frame Bracket, Right Side, Dual Exhaust   6.506.375.85EA
27-094SS1957 Muffler Hanger Stainless (P10187)   19.0018.6217.10EA
47-931249-64 Gas Tank Sender Float   7.507.356.75EA
47-13000-TV49-60 Full Size Passenger Car Accessory Traffic Light Viewer   49.5048.5144.55EA
53C-1841655-57 Gas Cap, all models   5.905.785.31EA
55C-70234055-60 Door Striker Plates (L-299) (MH-306)   47.9546.9943.16PR
1401957 Bench Seat Side Support Springs (2619)   35.0034.3031.50SET
22155-57 Tailgate Cable (Nomad) (P10436)   28.9528.3726.06EA
221A55-57 Tailgate Cable (WGN) (P12153)   28.9528.3726.06EA
3761957 Grille Bar Installation Kit (P10802)   15.9515.6314.36EA
86055-57 Muffler Hanger, Rear   11.9511.7110.76EA
90455-57 Turn Signal Mechanism   9.959.758.96EA
91255-57 Windshield Wiper Escutcheon Nut Tool   11.9511.7110.76EA
95255-57 Shift Kit Linkage, TH350 & TH400 (10-158-1)   28.9528.3726.06EA
1008C55-57 Two-Door HT Window Channel Adj. Plates Gasket & Screws (1164)   13.9513.6712.56SET
105855-57 Tailgate Retractor (P10437)   59.9558.7553.96EA
1068S49-57 Headlamp Beam Adjusting Nylon Insert Nuts & Screws (12233, 20-412D)   12.9512.6911.66SET
130455-57 Trunk Lid Insulation Kit (CVY-550)   29.9529.3526.96SET
131755-57 Mats, Carpet, w/"Bel-Air" Logo, Black, Set of 4 (P11961B)   119.95117.55107.96SET
131955-57 Mats, Carpet, w/"Bel Air" Logo, Blue, Set of 4 (P11961B)   119.95117.55107.96SET
132155-57 Floor Mats with Crest Logo, Black (P10423B)   89.9588.1580.96SET
132255-57 Floor Mats with Crest Logo, Red   89.9588.1580.96SET
132355-57 Blue Floor Mats with Crest Logo, Set of 4   89.9588.1580.96SET
132455-57 Mats, Floor, w/crest logo, Green, set of 4   89.9588.1580.96SET
132555-57 Floor Mats with Crest Logo, Turquoise   89.9588.1580.96SET
133455-57 Blue Custom Floor Mats, Set of 4   119.95117.55107.96SET
133555-57 Red Custom Floor Mats, Set of 4   119.95117.55107.96SET
146355-57 Liftgate Arm Rebuild Kit, Nomad & Station Wagon   17.9517.5916.16KIT
20541957 A-Arm Dust Shield Retainers (C7-132100)   17.9517.5916.16SET
23571957 Parklight Housings   24.9524.4522.46PR
4130-420555-57 Chevrolet Front Mat, Black (8356-55) (17.52)   175.00171.50157.50EA
4130-624055-57 Chevrolet Universal Rear Mat, Black (8357-55)(17.53)   175.00171.50157.50EA
601455-75 Headlight Bulb, Sealed Beam, 7 in. (H6024)   10.7510.549.68EA
611455-57 Mohair Channel Liner, 2 5/8   1.951.911.76FT
7595All Hog Rings (JO923)
765755-58 Hog Ring Plier, Straight Nose Spring Grip.   24.9524.4522.46EA
1212255-57 Floor Mats with Crest Logo, Tan   89.9588.1580.96SET
1212355-57 Floor Mats with Crest Logo, Gray   89.9588.1580.96SET
1501955-57 Nomad & Safari Lower Tailgate Rods   49.9548.9544.96PR
1502455-57 Nomad, Wagon & Safari Liftgate Guide   65.9564.6359.36EA
1902155-57 Repacement Horn, Low Note (17-297A)   19.9919.5917.99EA
1902255-57 Replacement Horn, High Note (17-296A)   19.9919.5917.99EA
4320655-66 Delco Overdrive Adapter Output Shaft Bearing   15.2714.9613.74EA
43207-255-57 Delco Bearing GM #12336438   20.7620.3418.68EA
630151956 Aluminized Dual Exhaust System, 8 Cyl., Non-Convertible   450.00441.00405.00EA
330003-7-41957 Wagon (9 Passenger) Lower Filler Pipe Assembly   47.9947.0343.19EA
330003-7-31957 Wagon (9 Passenger) Upper Filler Pipe Assenbly   65.0063.7058.50EA
330003-7-11957 Wagon Upper Tube Pipe Assembly   45.0044.1040.50EA
61401855-57 Coil Spring Type Clutch Throw-Out Bearing   41.0740.2536.96EA
61403755-57 Clutch Throw Out Bearing   35.3234.6131.79EA
98735055-57 Radiator Insect Screen (3.99)   24.9524.4522.46EA
9875821957 Accessory Deck Lid Trim Kit (6.12)   179.95176.35161.96KIT
987582A1957 Deck Lid Trim Kit Mounting Kit (6.12A)   19.5019.1117.55KIT
9875831957 Rear License Plate Bracket (For Station Wagon Bumpers only)   11.0010.789.90EA
370572255-64 Rear End Pinion Crush Sleeve   15.4215.1113.88EA
371447755-62 Flywheel Bellhousing Bottom Pan, V/8 (3704923)   19.9519.5517.96EA
373490855-62 Flywheel Bellhousing Front Cover-V8, Standard Transmission (exc. 409) (8.56)   25.4024.8922.86EA
37354801957 Back-Up Light Block Off Plate   29.4928.9026.54EA
373846255-57 Vent Assembly for rear end   22.3921.9420.15EA
375290155-57 Propeller Shaft Pinion Flange Nut   6.986.846.28EA
392198855-57 Rear End Plug   2.802.742.52EA
397300055-57 Detent Cable Assembly Bracket, Turbo 350   8.077.917.26EA
407800255-57 Door Panel Spring   0.510.500.46EA
5651702-SHA56-57 Gas Tank Sending Unit Filter, 2-4 BBL or F.I., 3/8"   9.509.318.55EA
5651705-SHA55-57 Gas Tank Sending Unit Filter, 6 or V/8 Cyl., 5/16"   9.509.318.55EA
780162655-57 Steering Gear Box Seal (313842)   20.4820.0718.43EA
AC3/855-57 3/8" Outlet Tank Sender Unit, Passenger Car, includes Float, Filter & Gasket. (GTS002)   53.9952.9148.59EA
AC57-192555-57 Chev. Power Track Seat Assembly   450.00441.00405.00SET
AC51655-57 Passenger Car Tank Sender Unit (includes Float & Filter) 5/16" Outlet   53.9952.9148.59EA
AC516-WAG55-57 Station Wagon Tank Sender Unit (includes Float & Filter) 5/16" Outlet   48.0047.0443.20EA
AC570255-57 2-DR HT Power Window Assembly   799.00783.02719.10SET
AN212455-57 RPM Transmission Mount, Manual Trans. & Turbo-Glide, Left Hand (200C)   14.9514.6513.46EA
AN212555-57 RPM Transmission Mount, Manual Trans. & Turbo-Glide, Right Hand (200B)   14.9514.6513.46EA
AN212655-57 RPM Transmission Mount, Powerglide, Right Hand (200A)   14.9514.6513.46EA
AN212755-57 RPM Transmission Mount, Powerglide, Left Hand (200)   14.9514.6513.46EA
AN214255-57 RPM Motor Mount, Side, Use with MCC010, (Small Block)
AN226855-57 RPM Transmission Cross Member Mount, TH400 (977)   12.9512.6911.66EA
AN237855-57 Anchor Transmission Cross Member Mount (ex TH-400) (977A)   12.9512.6911.66EA
BPI-37155-57 Rear Quarter Pivot Assembly Hardware (10180)   29.9529.3526.96KIT
BRW00155-64 A-Frame Bushing Retainer Washer (Lower-7/16" Hole)   1.751.721.58EA
BRW00255-64 A-Frame Bushing Retainer Washer (Upper-3/8" Hole)   1.751.721.58EA
BU13-572S1957 Rear Bumper Bracket Set, 2 pieces (16037)   36.9536.2133.26PR
BU13-57B1957 Bumper Bullet Metal Inserts with Hardware   29.9529.3526.96SET
BU13-57S1957 Front Bumper Bracket Set, 10 pieces (13524)   210.95206.73189.86SET
C14755-57 4-Door Sedan Window Weatherstrip Except Bel-Air (Clips installed on outers) 14 pieces   169.95166.55152.96SET
C14855-57 Nomad, Window Weatherstrip Kit, 12 pieces   139.95137.15125.96KIT
C15355-57 Deluxe Sedan Delivery Window Weatherstrip Kit, 8 pieces   94.9593.0585.46KIT
C15555-57 Fur Channel Kit, 150/210 2-Door Sedan   189.95186.15170.96KIT
C15855-57 Bel-Air Fur Channel Kit, 2-Door Sedan   189.95186.15170.96KIT
C15955-57 150/210 2-Door Station Wagon Window Weatherstrip Kit   196.20192.28176.58KIT
C16155-57 Bel-Air Four-Door Sedan Window Weatherstrip, 14 pcs.   189.95186.15170.96SET
C17255-57 210 & 150 4-Door Station Wagon Weatherstrip Kit   184.95181.25166.46KIT
C17355-57 B/A 4-DR Station Wagon Window Weatherstrip Kit   199.95195.95179.96KIT
C5721956 Rear Seat Foam, 2-Door Sedan   259.00253.82233.10SET
C57355-57 Rear Seat Foam, 4-Door Sedan/HT   249.00244.02224.10EA
C18481955 Dark Blue/Black Convertible Top   649.00636.02584.10EA
C18491955 Med Green/Black Convertible Top   349.00342.02314.10EA
C386255-57 White Convertible Top   379.00371.42341.10EA
C386355-57 Black Convertible Top   379.00371.42341.10EA
C5037BUni. Fuzzy Dice, Blue with White Dots   5.004.904.50EA
C5037KUni. Fuzzy Dice, Black with White Dots   5.004.904.50EA
C5037P55-57 Purple Fuzzy Dice   5.004.904.50PR
C5037RUni. Fuzzy Dice, Red with White Dots   5.004.904.50EA
C5037WUni. Fuzzy Dice, White with Black Dots   5.004.904.50EA
C5041-551955 Chrome License Plate Frame   6.956.816.26EA
C5041-561956 Chrome License Plate Frame   6.956.816.26EA
C5041-571957 Chrome License Plate Frame   6.956.816.26EA
C56011956 Front License Plate Bracket, black painted   4.504.414.05EA
C880955-57 Beige on Beige Convertible Top   379.00371.42341.10EA
C49640455-57 Door & Window Remover Tool (26)   3.953.873.56EA
C55570556-57 Hardtop Flapper Spring Set, set of 4   5.955.835.36SET
CAB00455-57 Nomad Latch Plate (15028)   24.9524.4522.46PR
CH551955 Chev. Front End Mask (Bra) w/o Guard   114.95112.65103.46EA
CH55B1955 Chev. Front End Mask (Bra) with Guards   114.95112.65103.46EA
CH561956 Chev. Front End Mask (Bra)   114.95112.65103.46EA
CH56B1956 Chev. Front End Mask (Bra) w/Bumper Guards   114.95112.65103.46EA
CH571957 Chev. Front End Mask (Bra) w/o bumper guards (880)   114.95112.65103.46EA
CHS00155-57 Conv. Header Strips (2)   80.0078.4072.00SET
CHSD-455-57 Clutch Head Screwdriver Set (4 Pieces) (5/16", 1/4", 3/16" & 5/32")   20.0019.6018.00SET
CM-00355-57 L-6 Fan Belt without Power Steering   19.9519.5517.96EA
CQW00155-57 Convertible Quarter Window Pivot Assemblies, Loaded   295.00289.10265.50PR
CRP00155-57 Conv. Pinch-Rail Pads, 18 pads (1522)   16.7516.4215.08SET
CTBL0155-57 Convertible Top Bracket (Left) (2187)   70.9569.5363.86EA
CTBR0155-57 Convertible Top Bracket, Right (2188)   70.9569.5363.86EA
CV003355-56 Gas Tank (TS556)   139.95137.15125.96EA
CV00341957 Gas Tank (TS557)   139.95137.15125.96EA
D5557CTX55-57 Convertible Transmission Crossmember (875A) (P12296)   59.9558.7553.96EA
DM13-55L55-57 Hardtop Drip Rail, LH   89.9588.1580.96EA
DM13-55R55-57 Hardtop Drip Rail, RH   89.9588.1580.96EA
DO13-56LL56-57 LH Door Latch. (Will not work on 56 2-DR HT or Conv or 56-57 4-Door Hardtops)   84.9583.2576.46EA
DO13-55LL1955 Door Latch Assembly, Driver (14160, D4021)   94.9593.0585.46EA
DO13-55LR1955 RH Door Latch Assembly (D4020)   84.9583.2576.46EA
DO13-56LR56-57 RH Door Latch (D4022) (Will Not Work on 56 2-DR HT or Conv & 56-57 4-DR Hardtops.)   84.9583.2576.46EA
EO2111957 Front License Plate Bracket
EO21355-56 Rear License Plate Bracket   11.6911.4610.52EA
EO33955-56 Leather Clutch Fork Boot w/Retainer, Fits Housing #3704922   19.9519.5517.96EA
EO34157-63 Leather Clutch Fork Boot w/Retainer, Fits Housing #3733365   21.6521.2219.49EA
EO3981955 Hardtop Flapper Spring Set   11.3911.1610.25SET
EO42955-57 Auto Steering Column Shift Arm Bushing   2.001.961.80EA
EO43055-57 Standard Shift Column Arm Bushings (2 pieces)   2.692.642.42PR
EO47255-56 Wiper Transmission Escutcheon Nut Set, 4 pieces (RRC28)   7.987.827.18SET
EO4741957 Wiper Transmission Escutcheon Nuts (RRC28)   4.494.404.04PR
EO5441957 Gas Door Spring Set   5.985.865.38SET
EO66056-57 Fuel Tank Filler Neck Support Bracket (PM0157)   13.9513.6712.56EA
EO6681957 Under Tailight Lamp Housing Dust Flaps w/Steel Brace   22.5022.0520.25PR
EO69955-57 Fuel Tank Strap Mounting Bolts
F212-155-57 B/A Hardtop Felt Weatherstrip Kit   69.9568.5562.96KIT
F212-355-57 2-Door Sedan Belt Molding Set   54.9553.8549.46KIT
F212-555-57 Bel-Air Conv. Weatherstrip Kit   69.9568.5562.96KIT
FP13-55PK55-57 Rear Seat Pocket   24.9524.4522.46PR
G-031A55-57 Metal Emergency Brake Rollers, 2 bolts, 2 lock washers & 2 nuts   12.0011.7610.80SET
G-19555-57 Trunk Latch Cover (C12408) (2907)   14.9514.6513.46EA
GFW00155-64 Steering Ball Seal Felt Washer   1.751.721.58EA
GM00455-57 Two-Door HT & Conv. Front Door Lower Window Glass Metal Channel, RH   21.9021.4619.71EA
GM00555-57 Two-Door HT & Conv. Front Door Lower Window Glass Metal Channel, LH   21.9021.4619.71EA
GM00655-57 Nomad Glass Metal Channel, LH (18-135)   21.9021.4619.71EA
GM00755-57 Nomad Glass Metal Channel, RH (18-136)   21.9021.4619.71EA
GM01255-57 Four-Door Sedan/Wagon Front Door Lower Window Glass Metal Channel, LH   18.9518.5717.06EA
GM01355-57 Four-Door Sedan/Wagon Front Door Lower Window Glass Metal Channel, RH   18.9518.5717.06EA
GM01455-57 Four-Door Sedan, Wagon Rear Door Lower Window Glass Metal Channel, RH   19.2518.8717.33EA
GM01555-57 Four-Door Sedan, Wagon Rear Door Lower Window Glass Metal Channel, LH   19.2518.8717.33EA
GM02855-57 2-Door Wagon Side Quarter Glass Bottom Metal Channel, LH   29.9529.3526.96EA
GM02955-57 2-Door Wagon Side Quarter Glass Bottom Metal Channel, RH   29.9029.3026.91EA
GM47A55-56 Station Wagon Gas Tank   199.95195.95179.96EA
GM47B1957 Station Wagon Gas Tank   199.95195.95179.96EA
GPP00355-57 Convertible Top Strap (358)   20.0019.6018.00EA
GPP00955-57 Convertible Gooy Bag   30.0029.4027.00EA
GTS00456-57 Gas Tank Sending Unit, 2-4 BBL. Carbs. or FI, 3/8" Line, Station Wagons only (AC3/8-WAG)   54.0052.9248.60EA
GTS01156-57 Gas Tank Fuel Sending Unit, Station Wagon, 9-Passenger   58.0056.8452.20EA
GTVS011957 Gas Tank Vent Strap   6.506.375.85EA
HL255-57 7 in. Halogen Headlight with Blue Dot Tri Bar with Interchangeable Colored Dots   29.9529.3526.96EA
HL13-55B1955 Headlamp Bucket Assembly w/o Bulb   49.9548.9544.96EA
HLS00155-57 Hood Latch Spring Kit   15.5015.1913.95KIT
HO13-55HR55-56 Hood Hinge, RH   59.9558.7553.96EA
HO13-55HL55-56 Hood Hinge, LH   59.9558.7553.96EA
HO13-57HL1957 Left Hand Hood Hinge (UF-23)   79.9578.3571.96EA
HO13-57HR1957 Right Hand Hood Hinge (UF-23)   79.9578.3571.96EA
J-291962 Rocker Mouldings   145.00142.10130.50PR
L-3342-55 Accessory License Light Plate Frame   40.0039.2036.00EA
L-6153-55 Front License Plate Bracket (EO209) (608)   7.497.346.74EA
L-1521955 License Light Kit. 55-57 For Wagons, pair (485B) (55C-13465)   28.0027.4425.20KIT
L-152B55-57 License Light Pigtail & Bulb Socket   8.007.847.20EA
L-15555-57 Nomad/Wagon License Light Kit   50.0049.0045.00KIT
L-1911956 Rear License Lights (lens, housing, etc.) (56C-13465)   28.0027.4425.20KIT
L-2971957 Back-Up Light Assembly, No lens or gaskets. (310)   42.9542.0938.66EA
L-298C1956 Accessory 3 in. Wire Wheel Disc L-298 Clip Set (Set of 5)   25.0024.5022.50SET
L5755-57 #57 12 Volt Auto Bulb, Instrument (1895)   0.880.860.79EA
L9055-57 Delco #90 Bulb GM #00142453   0.850.830.77EA
L9755-57 Auto Bulb (replaces L67)   0.690.680.62EA
L100455-57 #1004 Delco Bulb
L115655-57 12-Volt Backup Light Bulb   0.890.870.80EA
L115755-57 12 Volt Auto Bulb, Parking Light, replaces L1034
L144555-57 #53 Auto bulb, 12V   1.431.401.29EA
LRC00155-57 Line Retainer Clips, holds trans. cooler lines together
LWR00155-56 Lug Wrench, Correct. Also Fits 53/60 Corvette   25.0024.5022.50EA
LWR0021957 Lug Wrench   25.0024.5022.50EA
MH-641956 Rear Quarter Fender to Bumper Bracket Braces   29.9529.3526.96PR
MH-1171957 Lower Steering Column Bracket (16949)   31.6531.0228.49EA
MH-20355-56 Upper Steering Column Bracket (16830)   19.9519.5517.96EA
MH-20455-56 Lower Steering Column Bracket   32.9532.2929.66EA
MH-20855-56 Wiper Transmission Spacers   21.9921.5519.79PR
MH-7061955 Gas Tank Filler Tube, Wagon   79.5077.9171.55EA
MH-7081956 Wagon Gas Tank Filler Pipe (12742)   119.95117.55107.96EA
MH-7101957 Gas Tank Upper Filler Neck   83.9582.2775.56EA
MH-7121957 Upper Gas Tank Filler Tube, Wagon   69.5068.1162.55EA
MP-2-OEM55-62 Universal 6 volt or 12 volt Motor/ Pump, includes mounts, OEM Style (exc. Early '55)   297.95291.99268.16EA
NCSG01-C55-57 Nomad Curved Window Retainer Clips   19.5019.1117.55SET
NE5354/57CP1957 Windshield Wiper Motor, replacement   189.98186.18170.98EA
NE5556CP55-56 Windshield Wiper Motor, replacement   199.88195.88179.89EA
NE140111957 2-Speed Switch Shaft Extension   15.0014.7013.50EA
NE140131957 Delay Switch Shaft Extension   15.0014.7013.50EA
NE142001957 Intermittent Delay Switch   66.5065.1759.85EA
NF-61955 Rear bumper end bell spacer, Original Style, pair   11.6711.4410.50PR
OCL00155-57 Transmission Oil Cooler Lines, Turbo, 350-400   45.0044.1040.50PR
OCL00255-56 Transmission Oil Cooler Lines, Power Glide, V-8   45.0044.1040.50PR
OCL0031957 Transmission Oil Cooler Lines, Power Glide, V-8   45.0044.1040.50PR
OCL00455-57 Transmission Oil Cooler Lines, 6-Cylinder Power Glide   45.0044.1040.50PR
OCL0051957 Transmission Oil Cooler Lines, Turbo Glide, 8 cy.   45.0044.1040.50PR
OCL00655-57 Transmission Oil Cooler Lines - For Turbo 350 or 400 small block w/Radiator Mounted in Front of Support   45.0044.1040.50PR
OCL00755-57 350 or 400 Turbohydromatic Big Block Engine Transmission Oil Cooler Lines   45.0044.1040.50PR
OCL00855-57 Transmission Oil Cooler Line, fits Chevys with 700-R4 Transmission with Small Block   45.0044.1040.50SET
OCL00955-57 Transmission Oil Cooler Line, Fits 700-R4 Trans. w/Big Block w/Rad. Mounted in front of Core Support   45.0044.1040.50SET
P1006555-57 Shift linkage adjuster rubber bushing with metal sleeve   3.493.423.14EA
P10182L1956 Left tail pipe hanger   35.7034.9932.13EA
P10182R1956 Right tail pipe hanger   35.7034.9932.13EA
P10183L1957 Left Tail Pipe Hanger, with clamp   28.9528.3726.06EA
P10183R1957 Right Tail pipe hanger, with clamp   28.9528.3726.06EA
P1018455-57 Right muffler hanger bracket   6.506.375.85EA
P101851955 Left Muffler Hanger Bracket Dual Exhaust   7.497.346.74EA
P10423R55-56 Accessory Floor Mats, Red (2) (1328)   49.9548.9544.96PR
P1042555-59 Convertible Top Pump Rebuilding Kit   12.0011.7610.80KIT
P1044055-57 Outside Sunvisor Mounting Brackets   34.9534.2531.46PR
P1044555-57 Power Steering Hose Heat Shield (Short)   29.9529.3526.96EA
P107941957 Back Up Hole Cover Plate Retaining Bracket   8.958.778.06PR
P1114955-59 Power Steering Generator Mounting Bracket, 6 1/2"   33.9533.2730.56EA
P1116956-59 Tail pipe hanger bracket left/right   9.959.758.96EA
P112151957 Gas Tank Vent Hose Clamp   0.500.490.45EA
P1125055-57 Window Regulator Roller, 1 stud, 1 roller, 3/16   3.303.232.97EA
P1140655-57 Power Steering Hose Heat Shield V-8 Single Exhaust Long   39.9539.1535.96EA
P115451955 Right Tail Pipe Hanger Bracket   6.506.375.85EA
P1158555-57 Bowtie pin "Chevrolet"
P11961R55-57 Belair Carpet Mats Red (4)   99.9597.9589.96SET
P11962A55-57 Nomad Carpet Mats, Blue, set of 4   99.9597.9589.96SET
P120231955 Tail Pipe Hanger Left or Right   34.9534.2531.46EA
P120241955 Left tail pipe hanger bracket   6.506.375.85EA
P1245756-57 Firewall Pad Fastener Installation Tool, Aluminum   9.959.758.96EA
P1246855-57 Convertible Sun Visor O'Rings (11207)   1.000.980.90EA
P1307355-56 Lower Passing Gear Linkage Rod   28.9528.3726.06EA
P1307755-56 Air Cleaner Support Bracket, 6 Cylinder   19.9519.5517.96EA
P1308155-57 Lower Rear Shock Mount Plate, Under Leaf Spring, Left (10-202A)   68.9567.5762.06EA
P1308255-57 Lower Rear Shock Mount Plate, Under Leaf Spring, Right (10-202B)   68.9567.5762.06EA
P1342255-57 Glass Track Roller Guide, 4-Door Sedan   19.9519.5517.96EA
P1342355-57 Glass Track Roller Guide, Rear Door 4 Door Sedan   19.9519.5517.96EA
P140031957 Hood Rocket to Hood Mounting Brackets   29.5028.9126.55PR
P1410655-56 Dash bulb set. All miniature bulbs for Cluster, Heater, Radio and Clock. Set of 14   14.9514.6513.46SET
P141071957 Dash Bulb Set   14.9514.6513.46SET
PM01591957 Gas Tank Neck Hose Clamps (O. E. M.) (P14274) (27-128A)   4.003.923.60EA
PM016055-64 Oil Draft Tube Bolt w/washer, Stainless Steel   5.505.394.95EA
PS-00955-57 Power Steering Valve Ball Stud with Nut (SM-158)   34.9534.2531.46EA
PS-01055-57 Frame Bracket, for Attaching Cylinder Shaft to Frame   28.9528.3726.06EA
PSA0021957 Accessory Guard Hardware Kit, Front & Rear   34.9534.2531.46SET
PSD00155-56 Powerglide Shift Detent, all with Powerglide Trans.   16.0015.6814.40EA
PSD0021957 Powerglide Shift Detent, all with Powerglide Trans.   16.0015.6814.40EA
PSH00155-57 Power Steering Hoses, includes 4 hoses, (complete set)   103.00100.9492.70SET
PWD0031957 Chevy Wiper System with Standard Switch   499.95489.95449.96EA
PWD0041957 Chevy Wiper System with Delay Switch   549.95538.95494.96EA
QP13-57FB1957 Fuel Door Box Inside Quarter Panel (27-123AS, 16960)   59.9558.7553.96EA
RDS-1172454-64 Rear End Third Member Gasket (P27782T)   6.796.656.11EA
RGWASH55-57 Windshield Washer Kit   64.9563.6558.46KIT
RWPL0155-57 Quarter Window Plate, Left Hand, Conv.   14.5014.2113.05EA
RWPR0155-57 Quarter Window Plate, Right Hand, Conv.   14.5014.2113.05EA
SB-1555-57 Power Steering Generator Heat Shield   8.007.847.20EA
SVC00155-57 Sun Visors, Convertible; Like Original, Ready to be Covered   58.0056.8452.20PR
SVH00155-57 Sun Visors, Hardtop or Sedan like original, Ready to be Covered   55.0053.9049.50PR
T1379S1956 Tail Light L.E.D. Conversion-Standard   134.40131.71120.96PR
TC-1755-57 Convertible Top & Lid Hydraulic Cylinder   174.95171.45157.46EA
TIK-00155-57 Trunk Lid Insulation Kit   39.9539.1535.96KIT
TL13-55L55-57 Trunk Latch Assembly (12379)   119.95117.55107.96SET
TO-10-450655-57 3/16" Tubular Rivet Set for Riveting Hammer   44.9544.0540.46EA
TO-10-450455-57 1/8" Tubular Rivet Set for Riveting Hammer   44.9544.0540.46EA
TP13-55H1955 Tail Lamp Housing (G-194)   45.0044.1040.50EA
U-174A55-56 Horn Cover with correct Plastic Insulator   20.9520.5318.86EA
UBT00155-57 Rear End Housing U-Bolt, including two nuts   3.953.873.56EA
UTS00155-57 Universal Top Switch   19.9519.5517.96EA
WIP0011955 Rebuilt Wiper Control Cable (12318) Plus $ 15.00 Core Charge   89.9588.1580.96EA
WIP0021956 Rebuilt Wiper Control Cable (12319) Plus $ 15.00 Core Charge (BPI-214)   89.9588.1580.96EA
WIP0031957 Wiper Control Cable (12320, BPI-339)   89.9588.1580.96EA
WRG00155-57 Window Roller Guide, Hardtop Only (2082)   12.0011.7610.80EA
WS0191955 Hardtop Flapper Rebuilding and Relining Kit   139.95137.15125.96KIT
WS02056-57 Hardtop Flapper Rebuilding and Relining Kit   139.95137.15125.96KIT
WS02155-57 Hardtop Flapper Relining Kit Only (12406)   44.9544.0540.46KIT
WS02255-57 Upper Rear Quarter HT Relining Kit (2070)   46.9546.0142.26KIT
WSB00155-57 Window Stop Kit, Does one door, Right or Left (2193)   24.0023.5221.60KIT
Y614-9655-57 Division Bar, Upper, 8' length   14.5514.2613.10EA
YM3-9655-57 Belt Weatherstrip-Inner, (75000143)   15.8915.5714.30EA

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