Ralph Roberts Classic Chevy Supply


Part Number Year Description Retail 2% Off Debit/Credit Discount 10% Off Cash Discount Quantity
1.29C1955 Park Light Lens Gaskets   3.503.433.15PR
1.30C1956 Park Light Lens Gaskets   3.953.873.56PR
1.31C1957 Park Light Lens Gaskets   3.953.873.56PR
2.06A55-57 Door Lock Knobs, Red (329A)   5.955.835.36PR
2.06F55-57 Door Lock Knobs, Black (329)   7.957.797.16PR
6.22B1955 Taillight Lens Gaskets   3.002.942.70PR
6.23B1956 Taillight Lens Gaskets   3.503.433.15PR
6.24B1957 Taillight Lens Gaskets   2.502.452.25PR
9.105A55-57 Lens, Dome, Large (Sedan, Wagon & 56-57 HT) Ivory   5.505.394.95EA
57C-134541957 Back-Up Light Lens (492)   20.0019.6018.00PR
2111957 Windshield Wiper Motor Slide (& 56-62 Vette)   7.957.797.16EA
211B55-56 Windshield Washer Adapter   7.957.797.16EA
2971957 Emblem, Spinner, Plastic   49.9548.9544.96SET
298A55-56 Speedometer Lens   25.9525.4323.36EA
298B55-56 Clock Face Lens   17.9517.5916.16EA
298C55-56 Transmission Indicator Lens (Powerglide)   11.9511.7110.76EA
300A1957 Speedometer Lens   26.9526.4124.26EA
300B1957 Temperature Gauge Lens   16.9516.6115.26EA
300C1957 Gas Gauge Lens   16.9516.6115.26EA
329B55-57 Door Lock Knob, Yellow   7.957.797.16PR
329C55-57 Door Lock Knob, Blue   7.957.797.16PR
329D55-57 Door Lock Knob, Turquoise (2.06D)   7.957.797.16PR
329E55-57 Door Lock Knob, Green   7.957.797.16PR
329F55-57 Door Lock Knob, Sierra Gold   7.957.797.16PR
37855-57 Emergency Brake Handle, Black, Plastic (1020S) (53C-9275-B)   24.9524.4522.46EA
485A55-56 Lens, License, Amber   5.955.835.36PR
4881956 Back-Up Clear Lens (A1381)   9.959.758.96PR
493A1957 Lens, License, Amber   9.959.758.96EA
65355-56 Bezel, Dash, Ignition (150 & 210)   5.955.835.36EA
65555-56 Bezel, Dash, Windshield Wiper (150 & 210)   5.955.835.36EA
66255-56 Bezel, Dash, Ignition Switch, w/Chrome (B/A)   9.959.758.96EA
66355-56 Bezel, Dash, Windshield Wiper, w/Chrome (B/A)   9.959.758.96EA
66455-56 Bezel, Dash, Lighter, w/Chrome Plate (All)   9.959.758.96EA
66555-56 Bezel, Dash, Lights, w/Chrome Plate (All)   9.959.758.96EA
66655-56 Dash Bezel, W/Chrome Plate, Volume (All)   9.509.318.55EA
66755-56 Dash Bezel, W/Chrome Plate, Selector (All)   9.959.758.96EA
66855-56 Bezel, Plastic Dash Set, w/Chrome (Bel-Air)   39.9539.1535.96SET
66955-56 Bezel, Plastic Dash Set, w/Chrome (150 & 210)   39.9539.1535.96SET
6701957 Bezel, Dash, Windshield Wiper (All)   7.957.797.16EA
6711957 Bezel, Dash, Lights (All)   7.957.797.16EA
6721957 Bezel, Dash, Lighter (All)   7.957.797.16EA
8661955 Lens Gasket, License Lens   6.956.816.26PR
866A1956 Lens Gasket, License Lens   6.956.816.26PR
92955-56 Lens, Turbo-Hydromatic Transmission Indicator (T1054)   15.9515.6314.36EA
9301957 Lens, Turbo-Hydromatic Transmission Indicator (T1492)   16.9516.6115.26EA
1008S1957 Dash indicator light incl. oil, gen, 2 green & 2 red lenses   14.9514.6513.46KIT
1019S55-56 Dash indicator light kit incl. oil, gen, 2 gr. & 1 red lens   20.0019.6018.00KIT
10591957 Lens, Transmission Indicator (PG) (T1490)   14.9514.6513.46EA
A10271955 Bowtie Park Light Lens - Clear   26.2525.7323.63PR
A1027C1955 Bowtie Park Light Lens - Clear Chrome Bowtie   26.2525.7323.63PR
A1380B1956 "Blue-Dot" Bowtie Tail Light Lens   31.5030.8728.35PR
A1479C-Clear1957 T/L Lens Chrome Bow Tie, Clear   31.5030.8728.35PR
A1485C1957 Bowtie Park Light Lens - Clear Chrome Bowtie   26.2525.7323.63PR
C55031955 Tail Light Lens   4.504.414.05EA
C5503-11955 Tail Light Lens with Blue Dots   8.007.847.20EA
C56031956 Tail Light Lens   4.504.414.05EA
C5603-11956 Tail Light Lens with Blue Dots   8.007.847.20EA
C56061956 Tail Light Red Reflector   5.004.904.50EA
C5607LED1956 LED Back-Up Light   52.1551.1146.94EA
C5704-11957 Tail Light Lens w/Blue Dot   8.007.847.20EA
C57051957 Tail Light Cork Gasket   0.990.970.89EA
CBL5511LE1955 LED Back-Up Light Lens   59.9558.7553.96EA
CPL5601C1956 L.E.D Parklight Lens, Clear w/Amber Bulbs   34.9534.2531.46EA
CPL5702C1957 L.E.D. Parklight Lens, Clear with Amber Bulbs   14.9514.6513.46EA
CPL5720-C1957 LED White Parking Light Len (Amber LED, Clear Lens   19.9519.5517.96EA
CTL5510LE1955 LED Tail Light Lenses   29.9529.3526.96EA
CTL5608LED1956 LED Tail Light   23.3222.8520.99EA
CTL5720LED1957 LED Tail Light, Red   24.9524.4522.46EA
CTL5860LED58-60 LED Passenger Tail Lights   22.9522.4920.66EA
EO41957 Dash Bezel Set, Lights, Lighter, Vol., Sel, Wiper (5 Pc.) (675)   14.5014.2113.05SET
EO14155-56 Dash Indicator Lens Recolor Kit   3.793.713.41SET
EO1441957 Dash Indicator Lens Recolor Kit   3.793.713.41SET
EO15155-56 Turn Signal Cancel Cam   5.395.284.85EA
EO1531957 Turn Signal Cancel Cam   5.695.585.12EA
EO15555-58 Turn Signal Cancel Pawls   3.393.323.05PR
EO15655-58 Turn Signal Cancel Pawl Kit, Including Springs (580)   5.985.865.38KIT
EO6191957 Park Lamp Lens (Clear) (C5702, 494)   9.959.758.96PR
EO6201956 Parklight Lens (56C-13208-C)   9.959.758.96PR
EO6211955 Parklight Lens (55C-13208-C)   9.959.758.96PR
EO62355-57 License Lamp Lens (865)   5.655.545.09PR
EO6261955 Backup Lens (Pair) (55C-13454)   9.959.758.96PR
EO6271957 Tail Light Lens (57C-13450)   9.959.758.96PR
EO6301955 Inner Tail Lamp Diffuser Lens, pair   11.5911.3610.43PR
EO6311955 Park Lamp Lens, Amber, Pair   8.988.808.08PR
EO6341956 Park Lamp Lens, Amber, pair (L-67A)   9.959.758.96PR
EO6361957 Park Lamp Lens, Amber, pair (L-68A, 494A)   9.959.758.96PR
FLB00155-57 Flipper Contact Lever Plastic Cover, 2-DR HT (18-248, 10161, RRC16)   4.954.854.46PR
L-1131955 Dome Light Lens, HT & Nomad (213) (EO186)   3.393.323.05EA
L-1431957 Rear License Light Lens w/gasket, passenger car only   9.008.828.10EA
L-143-G1957 License Light Lens Gasket   1.501.471.35EA
RP-304I55-57 White Door Lock Knob   2.402.352.16EA
T105555-56 700 R4 Transmission Shift Indicator Lens (10248)   27.9527.3925.16EA
T107855-56 Rear Speaker Bezel & Escutcheon   29.2028.6226.28EA
T140557-58 Wheel Cover Emblem/Spinner   19.0018.6217.10EA
T14201957 Clock Face, Hamilton (2 Holes)   30.0529.4527.05EA
T14221957 Clock Face, Westclox & New Haven (1 Hole)   27.8027.2425.02EA
T14331957 Rear Speaker Bezel   19.9019.5017.91EA
T14931957 700 R4 Transmission Shift Indicator Lens   21.1020.6818.99EA
T5156A1957 Chevrolet Electric Wiper (with washer) Actuator Block with screws   11.1010.889.99EA
TLI0011955 Transmission Lens Insert, FIFTY FIVE, Black   19.9519.5517.96EA
TLI0021956 Transmission Lens Insert, FIFTY SIX, Black   19.9519.5517.96EA
TLI0031956 Transmission Lens Insert, FIFTY SIX, Red   19.9519.5517.96EA
TLI0061956 Transmission Lens Insert, FIFTY SIX, Blue   19.9519.5517.96EA

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