Ralph Roberts Classic Chevy Supply


Part Number Year Description Retail 2% Off Debit/Credit Discount 10% Off Cash Discount Quantity
12-619F1957 Antenna, Rear Left, with Antenna Lead   169.95166.55152.96EA
12-620F1957 Antenna, Rear Right   169.95166.55152.96EA
0171957 Radio Speaker w/transformer   52.9551.8947.66EA
55C-928855-57 Antenna Wire for 55-57 Front Antenna   14.0013.7212.60EA
30255-57 Antenna Base & Gasket (L-102)   23.9523.4721.56EA
6731957 Bezel, Dash, Volume (All)   7.957.797.16EA
6741957 Bezel, Dash, Selector (All)   7.957.797.16EA
7881955 Front Antenna Assembly (55C-9285)   74.9573.4567.46EA
78956-57 Front Antenna Assembly (56C-9285)   74.9573.4567.46EA
80455-57 Antenna Plug, Front Fender   3.953.873.56EA
9876061957 RH Rear Electric Antenna   541.75530.92487.58EA
C11855-57 Front Antenna Gasket   1.891.851.70EA
C55181955 Stainless Steel Radio Knob   8.958.778.06EA
C56191956 Stainless Steel Radio Knob   8.958.778.06EA
C5620A1957 Radio Knobs, set of 3   39.5038.7135.55SET
CAM-693C55-57 Stereo Speakers, All 6" X 9", 200 Watts,3-Way (12170)   79.0077.4271.10PR
DVC-6X955-57 6 X 9 Dual Voice Coil Speaker (SP-69DC)   29.9529.3526.96EA
EO1331957 Radio Tone Control Knob   4.954.854.46EA
EO1351957 Radio Pushbuttons, 5 piece set   18.2917.9216.46SET
EO52955-56 Radio Tone Control Knobs   6.956.816.26PR
EO53055-57 Radio Antenna Mounting Plate Mount   3.983.903.58EA
F-01455-57 Black Rear Speaker Grille   17.9917.6316.19EA
F-014A55-57 Chrome Rear Speaker Grille   25.0024.5022.50EA
J-102A55-57 Antenna Plastic Lock Nut   3.002.942.70EA
KCB5-655-56 Kick Panel Speakers, 6.5" 80 Watt (KPS5-6-KHE)   129.00126.42116.10PR
KPS-55-9-CPU55-59 Chevy Truck Kick Panel with 4" Speakers   149.00146.02134.10PR
KPS55-6-BL55-56 Kick Panel Speakers without speakers   84.9583.2576.46PR
KPS57-BL1957 Kick Panel Speakers without speakers   84.9583.2576.46PR
KPS57-KHE1957 Kick Panel Speaker (KCB7)   134.95132.25121.46PR
L18931957 Radio Dial Bulb (L1891)   0.980.960.88EA
NF-1A1957 Rear Antenna lower Bracket   25.0024.5022.50EA
P1144755-56 Radio Support Bracket   12.9512.6911.66EA
P114481957 Radio Support Bracket   12.9512.6911.66EA
RRC1055-56 Wonder Bar Contact Bar   19.9519.5517.96EA
SPK100655-57 Speaker Assembly   29.9529.3526.96EA
T12201955 Radio Lens "WonderBar"   29.2028.6226.28EA
T12221955 Radio Lens - Push Button   29.2028.6226.28EA
T12251956 Radio Lens - Push Button   29.2028.6226.28EA
T12301957 Radio Lens - "WonderBar" & PB   29.2028.6226.28EA
T55101956 Radio Lens "WonderBar"   31.4530.8228.31EA
VECH-5-2301955 Custom Auto Sound AM-FM Car Radio   169.00165.62152.10EA
VECH-6-2301956 Custom Auto Sound AM-FM Car Radio   169.00165.62152.10EA
VECH-7-2301957 Custom Auto Sound AM-FM Car Radio   169.00165.62152.10EA

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