Ralph Roberts Classic Chevy Supply

1955-1959 Chevy Truck Parts

Part Number Year Description Retail 2% Off Debit/Credit Discount 10% Off Cash Discount Quantity
20-44855-59 Truck Front End Sheetmetal Fastener Set   46.0045.0841.40SET
47-70240047-66 Truck Interior Door Handle, with screw, (C476601)   10.009.809.00EA
47-70278047-66 Truck Interior Window Crank, w/Screw (C476602)   12.0011.7610.80EA
52-70234052-59 Door Strikers, pair   19.5019.1117.55PR
52-702350/152-59 Truck Chrome Outside Door Handles, pair   54.9553.8549.46PR
54-1300054-59 Truck Turn Signal Switch, replaces GM#05946173   23.0022.5420.70EA
54-1347554-59 Truck Black Rear License Plate Bracket & Lamp   49.0048.0244.10EA
54-43000-S54-59 Truck Glove Box Door Striker with 2 Screws   4.003.923.60EA
54-65010-W54-66 Chevy Tail Gate Lettering, Stepside, White   9.008.828.10SET
55-245455-59 Truck Brake & Clutch Pedal Pad   3.753.683.38EA
55-363154-59 Truck Inner Horn Contact Plate   14.0013.7212.60EA
55-5034-B55-57 Truck Black Front License Plate Bracket   12.5012.2511.25EA
55-515155-57 Truck Battery Tray, Complete   60.0058.8054.00EA
55-517558-63 Battery Hold-Down Bolts, replacement type   5.995.875.39SET
55-603855-59 Truck V/8 Front Motor Mount Kit, complete   95.0093.1085.50KIT
55-8200-C55-56 Truck Grill Assembly, Chrome   350.00343.00315.00EA
55-927055-59 Chrome dash/radio truck knobs   8.508.337.65EA
55-928555-59 Truck Radio Antenna (with Hardware and Instructions)   60.0058.8054.00EA
55-927855-59 Truck Dash Strip Clips, Steel (8 pieces)   8.958.778.06SET
55-9700-CB55-59 Truck Choke Cable & Knob, Black   20.0019.6018.00EA
55-9700-C55-59 Truck Choke Cable & Knob, Chrome   18.9518.5717.06EA
55-9700-T55-59 Truck Throttle Cable & Knob, Chrome   18.9918.6117.09EA
55-1158455-59 Truck Ignition Dial, V/8 (Plastic)   5.004.904.50EA
55-1166355-59 Truck Headlight Switch Retaining Nut, Stainless Steel   8.007.847.20EA
55-1166155-59 Truck Headlight Switch Rod & Knob, chrome   13.9513.6712.56EA
55-13045-C55-57 Truck Headlight Bezels   99.5097.5189.55PR
55-13208-A55-57 Truck Parking Light Lens, Amber   4.003.923.60EA
55-13208-C55-57 Truck Parking Light Lens, Clear   4.954.854.46EA
55-1321155-57 Truck Parking Light Lens Gaskets   2.001.961.80PR
55-13200-C55-57 Truck Parking Light Assembly   24.9524.4522.46EA
55-1321255-57 Truck Parking Light Assembly-to-body Seals   3.002.942.70PR
55-1330555-59 Truck Turn Signal Lever & Knob   5.004.904.50EA
55-1344855-59 Truck Tail Light Bezel, Stainless Steel   5.004.904.50EA
55-13405-SS55-59 Truck Taillight Assemblies, Chrome, each   30.0029.4027.00EA
55-1377155-59 Truck Dome Lamp Assemby   20.0019.6018.00EA
55-1505255-59 Truck Cigarette Lighter & Element   17.9517.5916.16EA
55-1618855-59 Truck Inner Fender to Radiator Support Grommet Set (set of 4) (1958 passenger cars)   5.004.904.50SET
55-1677755-57 Truck Hood Latch   64.9563.6558.46EA
55-1678955-57 Truck Hood Spring, pair   20.9520.5318.86PR
55-1726155-59 Truck Speedometer Needle   6.005.885.40EA
55-1755347-59 Truck Wiper Tower Hold Down Nuts, Stainless Steel   4.994.894.49PR
55-1755255-59 Truck Wiper Tower Bezels, Chrome   24.5024.0122.05PR
55-1751655-59 Truck Deluxe Heater Fan Switch   29.5028.9126.55EA
55-1752055-59 Truck Deluxe Heater Control Lens   8.007.847.20EA
55-1752555-59 Truck Deluxe Heater Control Bezel, Chrome   58.5057.3352.65EA
55-1754155-59 Truck Wiper Tower Gasket Set   3.002.942.70PR
55-1751555-59 Truck Deluxe Heater Control Knob Set   6.005.885.40SET
55-1751355-59 Truck Wiper Switch Knob, Chrome (9/16" Hole)   15.7515.4414.18EA
55-1751455-57 Truck Heater Levers   9.008.828.10PR
55-1769055-59 Truck Inside Rear-View Bracket, chrome   17.5017.1515.75EA
55-1774255-59 Truck Mirror Arm Gasket, Exterior L/H or R/H   1.501.471.35EA
55-17741-LC55-59 Truck Chrome Outside Mirror Arm, LH   25.0024.5022.50EA
55-17741-RC55-59 Truck Chrome Outside Mirror Arm, RH   25.0024.5022.50EA
55-1880555-59 Die-cast chrome plated truck radio knob flippers, pr.   10.009.809.00PR
55-2562155-56 Truck Front Fender "V8" Emblem, with Fasteners   20.0019.6018.00EA
55-43000-G55-59 Truck Glove Box, with retaining clips   14.0013.7212.60EA
55-4610555-59 Truck Door Latch, L/H   35.9035.1832.31EA
55-4610655-59 Truck Door Latch, R/H   34.0033.3230.60EA
55-79500-D55-59 Windshield Seal, Deluxe   32.0031.3628.80EA
55-700617-B55-59 Truck Side Vent Control Assembly, Black Knob (L/H or R/H)   25.0024.5022.50EA
55-700617-C55-59 Truck Side Vent Control Assembly, Chrome Knob (L/H or R/H)   19.9519.5517.96EA
55-704220-D55-66 Rear Window Seal, Deluxe   25.0024.5022.50EA
55-707000-R55-59 Truck Cab Corner Patch Panel, R/H   35.0034.3031.50EA
55-707000-L55-59 Trunk Cab Corner Patch Panel, LH   35.0034.3031.50EA
55-702291655-59 Truck Vent Window Handle, R/H   12.9512.6911.66EA
55-702291755-59 Truck Vent Window Handle, L/H   12.9512.6911.66EA
58-973558-59 Accelerator Pedal   12.0011.7610.80EA
58-1677758-59 Truck Hood Latch   64.9563.6558.46EA
130.6600155-59 Truck Master Cylinder   129.95127.35116.96EA
895-55BL55-59 Inner Cab Corner, LH, P/U only (C12153)   65.0063.7058.50EA
895-55BR55-59 Inner Cab Corner, RH, P/U only (C12154)   65.0063.7058.50EA
850055-59 Truck Headliner Seal (C5-9041-T)   19.9919.5917.99EA
310001956 Truck Front Shock   22.5022.0520.25EA
310941956 Truck Rear Shock   24.5024.0122.05EA
10075255-59 Truck Door Hinge Repair Panel, LH   38.5037.7334.65EA
10075355-59 Truck Door Hinge Repair Panel, RH   38.5037.7334.65EA
111652255-56 Truck Ignition Switch, 6-Cylinder (D-1406)   50.0049.0045.00EA
150174056-57 Truck Ammeter   99.9597.9589.96EA
151846155-57 Truck Gasoline Instrument Panel Gauge   79.9578.3571.96EA
A547-CHR55-59 Truck Front Bumper   269.95264.55242.96EA
B13001955 Truck Shop Manual, 2nd Series   20.0019.6018.00EA
B13011956 Truck Shop Manual Supplement   12.9512.6911.66EA
B13021957 Truck Shop Manual   31.9531.3128.76EA
BT-1841647-63 Truck "Bow-Tie" Locking Gas Cap, Chrome w/Two Keys   39.9539.1535.96EA
C5-100-T55-59 Hood Side Bumpers   1.301.271.17EA
C5-101-T1955 2nd Series/56-57 Front Hood Panel Bumpers   1.301.271.17EA
C5-252-T1955 2nd Series/56-59 Gas Tank Neck Grommet   12.0011.7610.80EA
C5-253-T55-59 55 2nd Series/56-59 Truck Gas Tank Floor Seal   5.004.904.50EA
C5-1000-TC55-59 55 2nd Series/56-59 with Chrome Slot Truck Windshield Channel   41.0040.1836.90EA
C5-1100-TD55-66 55 2nd Series/56-66 with Deluxe Cab Rear Glass Channel   35.0034.3031.50EA
C5-1100-TS55-66 Truck w/Standard Cab Rear Glass Channel   25.0024.5022.50EA
C5-1203-T1955 2nd Series/56-59 Truck Vent Window Channels   75.0073.5067.50PR
C700554-59 Truck Red Tail Light Lens   4.504.414.05EA
C700856-59 Tail Light Lens, For Panel Trucks, Red Plastic Lens   14.9914.6913.49EA
C700958-59 Truck Park Light Lens   5.505.394.95EA
C55591254-59 Truck Tail Light Lens with Blue Dots   8.758.587.88EA
CAM-CHTK-0155-59 Truck Custom Autosound AM-FM Cassette Radio   199.95195.95179.96EA
CL15853-66 Truck Ignition Lock, Octagon   10.3510.149.32EA
CL158A53-66 Truck Original Ignition Lock   13.9513.6712.56EA
CT15855-59 GM Pickup Felt Kit (Inner & Outer, 4 pieces)   39.9539.1535.96KIT
KB-484A55-59 Truck King Bolt Set   39.3538.5635.42SET
KB-484AB55-59 Truck King Bolt Set with Ball Bearing   39.9839.1835.98SET
KCHT-55/955-59 Chevy Truck Kick Panel 4" Speakers   129.00126.42116.10PR
LRFF-5-L55-57 Truck LH Front Fender Lower Patch Panel   49.9548.9544.96EA
LRFF-5-R55-57 Truck RH Front Fender Lower Patch Panel   49.9548.9544.96EA
MCM-9194955-59 Park Brake Cable, Rear - 1/2 ton, Except Posi   35.8535.1332.27EA
P3093655-59 Truck Heater Control Cables, set of 3   26.9526.4124.26SET
PWD00555-59 Raingear Pickup Wiper System, with Standard Switch   349.95342.95314.96EA
PWD00655-59 Pickup Raingear Wiper System w/Delay Switch   399.95391.95359.96EA
R-18403-B/247-72 Exterior Rectangular Rear-View Mirrow Head, Black   12.0011.7610.80EA
SLS-4355-72 Stop Light Switch, GM Trucks   27.4726.9224.72EA
SPK100855-59 Truck Speaker Assembly   29.9529.3526.96EA
T125055-59 Truck Speedo Face   60.7559.5454.68EA
W587GT60-63 Chev./GMC PU/Conv Cab Tinted Windshield   199.95195.95179.96EA

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